3 Simple Steps You should know About Making Beats


Should you be just starting out and learning how to make beats, all though the idea can be fun however when you get stuck in it can be really frustrating. Most significant mistakes people make is not knowing the style of beats they wish to produce, so what eventually ends up happening is a beat is made, but with no known style. - 50 Cent type instrumental

Some times, without even realizing, men and women produce a beat with lots of styles mixed in to at least one beat, and most of the time it sounds... rubbish - to get blunt. Luckily for you here are 3 simple tips that will make it easier for you to select a style of beats to generate and be on your way to producing killer beats.

Know your style?

For some reason most people pass up this step, and go straight straight into making a beat lacking the knowledge of what kind of style beat their likely to produce. So, this is a good way to know your style - Ok, now we've identified you want a style, what's it destined to be: Hip Hop, R n' B, pop, west cost, east cost and the like... once you've figured out your look, you'll have an idea of how to make your beats.

Decide on a artist mimic?

Now that you've learned your style, who's the most effective at making beats for the reason that style? Or whose beats do you enjoy in the style you have selected? Once you've got an artist or few, begin making beats that you think they would like.

Listen to their work?

Once you have your artist to imitate listen to their work, take time to listen to their style have a feel for it. Add then answer these questions afterwards:

What do you like?

What do you think you can improve?

What do you think is missing?

How will you take what you've learnt through the artist and make it your individual?

I hope you have found the following tips useful and hopefully assist you to on your way to producing killer beats.- 50 Cent type instrumental